In which way the Hathras case is heading towards?

News Desk: In which way the Hathras case is heading towards? Videos, CCTV footages, call details, etc. has made the case a thriller. The first round of suspense began after a video came into surface where it was claimed that the 19 year old Dalit girl took the name of the four upper caste Thakur men. Then came a footage of a mystery woman who was claimed as ‘Naxalite’ but the woman said that she is a relative of that family and has no relation with Naxals.

After that a letter of the main accused to the UP police which says that the girl’s family was against their friendship and her brother threatened him and more than 100 calls between the victim’s brother and the main accused added more suspense. Interestingly, the victim’s brother agreed that it’s their number but they didn’t have any conversation over the phone.

Then came a video which showed four people were present in the scene. CCTV footages at the hospital were missing too. Now the last thing that happened was a witness named Chhotu. He said “I was cutting fodder in his field when the incident happened. I reached the spot after hearing the sound of screaming. At that time, the girl’s brother and mother were standing there. The victim was lying on the field. I went to call Lavkush and his mother. After this, when I reached the spot again, I saw that the victim’s brother had gone from there. The victim’s mother told me to call her son and bring him. After this I went to the victim’s house, his brother said that he will come when five or six people reaches the spot. After that I went to inform other people and a crowd gathered there”.

The victim’s family denied knowing Chhotu. But so far, it’s really hard to jump into conclusion directly. There are lots of questions which is still unanswered.