Police arrested four Khalistani militants along with explosives from Karnal

News Desk: Police arrested four suspected Khalistani militants, along with a large quantity of explosives, from a toll plaza in Bastar, Karnal, Haryana, around 4am on Thursday, on charges of smuggling weapons through drones from the Pak border.

The suspects are residents of Punjab. One of them is a jailed accused. His name is Gurpreet. An ISI liaison named Rajeev had a conversation with him in jail and Gurpreet got into the arms smuggling business from that source. The other three are Amandeep, Bhupendra and Parvinder Singh.

According to police sources, the four used to deliver weapons all over India, which comes through drones across the border. This time it was the responsibility of these four to deliver in Nanded in Telangana.

However, according to another source, they were about to leave for Delhi with the explosives. Before that, they got caught.