The CM-Governor fight continues

News Desk: The ugly conflict between West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee and governor Jagdeep Dhankar continues. Dhankar earlier attacked the Mamata government on law and order in the state. In response, the chief minister wrote a nine page letter requesting him to act within the mandates of the constitution.  Now the fight between them is about fund transfer for PM Kisan Scheme.

Earlier this week, Mamata Banerjee wrote a letter to the Union Agricultural Minister regarding the implementation of PM Kisan Scheme. She made it clear that she’ll implement the scheme only if the center transfers the fund to the state government. After her letter she was slammed by leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party and they talked about the ‘cut money’.

Now, on Sunday, governor Jagdeep Dhankar shot a letter to the Mamata government asking her the reason behind acting as an intermediary in PM Kisan funds transfer. According to Dhankar, the scheme will be beneficial for farmers but chief minister’s request of transferring funds to the state government will open gates to corruption. In his letter he asked “National policy is ‘minimum government, maximum governance’, why this approach of ‘maximum government, minimum governance’?”