*Leftists protested by throwing potatoes on the road and blocking the state highway*

Subha Chakraborty, Ghatal : Although the price of potato is increasing daily, the farmers are not getting the real price. Members of the Left Farmers’ Sabha joined the protest on Sunday over several demands, including the black market of fertiliser. On that day they threw potatoes on the road and blocked the Ghatal Chandrakona State Highway and protested for a long time. Due to this protest, massive traffic jams were created on the roads. The incident took place in Gachshitala Mor area of ​​Chandrakona in West Medinipur district.

Thousands of left activist supporters blocked the state highway at Ghatal-Chandrakona-Medinipur-Garbeta junction. They claim that currently the price of potato in the field is Tk 400 per quintal, which is not even close to what the farmers should get. The price of potatoes should be increased immediately. Borough should provide irrigation water. Government has to buy potatoes from farmers at subsidized price. Barga and Patta shall not be eviction. This program is said to be an initiative of Chandrakona No. 2 Block Committee of All India Farmers’ Meeting with such multiple demands.