Rumor spread by CPM leader Shatrup Ghosh about TMC candidate Shiuli Saha

News Desk: After the announcement of the Trinamool Congress candidate list, CPM leader Shatrup Ghosh made a fuss on social media saying that Trinamool Congress candidate Shiuli Saha was joining the BJP in the Keshpur assembly constituency. The Trinamool Congress claimed that the news was a false rumor.

On Monday afternoon, a TV channel started campaigning that Shiuli Saha was joining the BJP. After watching the news, Trinamool candidate Shiuli Saha came live on her Facebook profile. She said on Facebook Live, “My party has nominated me for Keshpur constituency. I have started campaigning in Keshpur. But the electronic channel CN ​​news is spreading false propaganda that I am going to BJP. This news is completely false. If this channel does not apologize unconditionally, I will take legal action against the channel. I have started the process of taking legal action against CPIM leader Shatrup Ghosh who is spreading propaganda that Sheuli Saha is joining BJP. Opposition party will not be able to occupy Bengal by spreading fake news. Mamata will be the CM again. I was at the TMC, I am, I will be. “