AR Rahman’s ‘Karar Oi Louho Kopat’ left people dissatisfied

Debjit Mukherjee: A song from the war film Pippa has left people dissatisfied. Many took to social media to share their opinion on AR Rahman’s version of the iconic Bengali protest song Karar Oi Louho Kopat. People expressed how the reimagined version of the song is nothing like the original version and lacks “essence”. A few said that the new version sounds like a “light hearted romantic melody”.

Written and composed by revolutionary poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, it is one of the strongest protest songs in Bengal. Many still get goosebumps while listening to it due to its powerful lyrics and heart-touching melody.

Since being shared two days ago, the post has accumulated tons of comments. Most netizens shared how this version has “destroyed” the original song.