Mock drill of natural disasters was held in Keshpur

News Desk :Despite no advance warning of low pressure, the Keshpur Block administration started the preparation Mock Drill from 9 am in Keshpur on Thursday. The Mock Drill of the disaster management department continues throughout the day. In the event of a natural disaster, how to rescue school students, health center patients, snakebite patients, people buried under trees, cattle and others, the Mock Drill was conducted in the presence of officials of the Army, NDRF, District Disaster Management Office and other departments. .


Dipak Kumar Ghosh, BDO of Keshpur, said that this was a routine exercise on how to keep the block residents safe before and after the cyclone.


NDRF official Vinayi Pandey, the observer of the exercise, said that a Mock Drill was held in Keshpur block on how to rescue the common people and provide good services in the area when a cyclone disaster occurs.


On this day, the role played by the Army, NDRF, Health, Forest, Transport, Police, Civil Defence, Apad Mitra, Voluntary Organizations and Media is highlighted to the common people.


On this day control room was opened in Keshpur block office and separate offices of all departments were opened in Keshpur auditorium.


On this day, Keshpur Block Development Officer Dipak Kumar Ghosh, Joint Block Development Officer Prasenjit Nandi and Soumik Singh, Block Disaster Management Officer Kaushik Adhikary and other officials were present.