“”We do not want our courts to remain Tarikh Pay Tarikh courts”: DY Chandrachud

Debjit Mukherjee: Sunny Deol’s famous dialogue in Chief Justice DY Chandrachud’s mouth. He accepted that the courts of the country are becoming shelters of ‘Tarikh Pay Tarikh’. The Chief Justice did not just admit it, but expressed his displeasure. He said, in this laxity, the real purpose of the judiciary is being destroyed.

The Chief Justice said on Friday, “We do not want our courts to remain Tarikh Pay Tarikh courts. It will not succeed in the objective of speedy justice of the judiciary.” He presented facts that only on Friday, 178 cases were filed by the lawyers.

On this day, the chief justice expressed his anger about the laxity of the judicial system by highlighting the facts. He said that only in September and October, lawyers have asked for 3 thousand 688 cases. Cases are pending day after day, sometimes due to the absence of lawyers, sometimes due to deliberate attempts to prolong the case.

In fact, judicial laxity is nothing new in this country. In all, about 5 crore cases are pending in various courts. About 30 percent of the judges’ seats are vacant in the High Court and the Supreme Court alone. Naturally, the judicial process is delayed. The chief justice is not satisfied with that.