Israel-Hamas war: Bejamin Netanyahu condemned video released by Hamas

News Desk: Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu condemned as “cruel psychological propaganda” a video released on Monday by Hamas that shows three of the hostages seized by the Islamist movement on Oct. 7.The video shows three woman sitting side by side against a bare wall, one of whom addresses an angry message to Netanyahu, asking to be taken home in an exchange for Palestinian prisoners.

Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces expanded their ground incursion inside the Gaza Strip on Sunday, destroying Hamas anti-tank positions and engaging with several gunmen along the Gaza coast and at the Erez border crossing, as reported by the military. Throughout the day, rockets were launched from Gaza towards Israeli towns and cities, with a focus on targeting Hamas positions in the northern part of the Strip. An IDF officer sustained serious injuries from a mortar impact, and a soldier was moderately injured during an encounter with Hamas fighters in the northern Gaza Strip overnight, according to the military’s statement.

Israel has called on Russian authorities to ensure the safety of Israelis and Jews within their jurisdictions due to concerns about potential actions by pro-Palestinian protesters in the Russian Republic of Dagestan.

A statement released by the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem confirmed that the Israeli ambassador in Moscow is actively collaborating with Russian authorities to address the situation. The statement emphasized, “The State of Israel takes very seriously any attempts to harm Israeli citizens and Jews in any location.”

Israeli media has broadcast footage from Makhachkala airport in Dagestan, depicting numerous individuals, driven by anger over the Gaza conflict, breaching the airport grounds in search of passengers from a flight scheduled to arrive from Tel Aviv.

The Foreign Ministry’s statement further articulates Israel’s expectations, calling upon Russian law enforcement authorities to protect all Israeli citizens and Jews, regardless of their identity, and to take decisive measures against those involved in rioting and any provocative actions directed at Jews and Israelis.