‘Bangla Diwas’ to be celebrated on Paila Baishak

Debjit Mukherjee, Kolkata: “99% opinion is in favor of observing ‘Bangla Day’ on the first Baisakh day” Biman Banerjee announced that the resolution was passed after the Chief Minister addressed the Legislative Assembly on Thursday.

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee said, “The state was not established in Bengal on June 20, 1947. No dignified incident occurred. Bengal is a very old state. The British broke into two before leaving. Lakhs of Bengalis were destroyed. Main West Bengal was formed on 15 August. More parts were added later. We got a lot of suggestions. Imam, Rajvanshi, Tapashili, Hindi, Urdu speaking, Mohun Bagan, East Bengal, Mahamedan clubs came. Many suggestions have been received. Some said about Rakhi day. Hindu Mahasabha also came. 99% people said, let the first day of Baisakh be celebrated.”

She also said, “The first day of the Bengali calendar is Paila Baishakh. We want to make that day Bangla Diwas. And I want to make ‘Bangla Mati Bangla Jal’ ‘Rajya Sangeet’. There is a political party, they have already said that they will go to Raj Bhavan. It doesn’t matter who support it or not. We will celebrate on that day. And we will make that song the state song. Sing the victory song of Bengal. Sing the victory song of the soil.”