“Five Vice-Chancellors have been pressured to resign and given death threat”: CV Anand Bose

Debjit Mukherjee, Kolkata: Explosive allegations by Governor CV Anand Bose. “Five vice-chancellors have been pressured to resign and given death threat” he alleged.

He said, “Vice-chancellors are necessary for the smooth running of universities. The education department appointed the vice-chancellor. The Supreme Court declared the decision illegal. That’s why the vice-chancellors had to go. In that situation, I appointed an interim vice-chancellor. The education department said it was wrong. The Calcutta High Court said it was right. Government could not appoint vice chancellors. Because some were corrupt, some were accused of molesting students. Some were again playing political games. It is very sad that five vice chancellors had to resign. They told me they were threatened. There was pressure from the education department.”