Mominpur violence: Calcutta HC ordered formation of SIT

Debjit Mukherjee, Kolkata: The Calcutta High Court ordered the formation of a special investigation team or SIT to investigate the unrest in Mominpur, Ekbalpur. The SIT is to be formed under the leadership of State Police DG Manoj Malviya and Kolkata Police Commissioner Vineet Goyal.

A division bench of Justice Jaimalya Bagchi of the High Court made several other significant observations in this case. It is said –

1. There is no need for a central force at the moment.

2. The responsibilities of the state government and police administration have been greatly enhanced.

3. Video footage must be collected and stored.

4. Police picket will continue.

5. Besides, the state will take necessary steps to restore peace in the area.

6. If anyone is displaced due to unrest, then the state government should also make arrangements to bring them back home.