Number of Israeli casualties has surged to over 1,300

News Desk: Following the recent Hamas attacks on Israel, the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, has taken action by removing numerous Hamas-affiliated accounts. Their statement emphasized, “There is no place on X for terrorist organizations.”

Meanwhile, Israel said ‘deeply disappointed’ over the lack of condemnation of Hamas attacks in Chinese statements. An employee of the Israeli embassy in Beijing was assaulted and is currently hospitalised, as reported by the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Israel’s military chief has declared, “Now is the time for war,” while Israel deploys tanks in proximity to the Gaza Strip in anticipation of a forthcoming ground operation aimed at eradicating the Palestinian militant organization Hamas, which governs the enclave.

In an effort to garner international backing for its actions, the Israeli government presented graphic imagery of children and civilians allegedly killed by Hamas during a recent surge of violence in Israel to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and NATO defence ministers.

Meanwhile, in the Gaza Strip, the humanitarian crisis worsened as the region’s sole power plant exhausted its fuel supply on Wednesday. Israeli airstrikes had led to the destruction of neighbourhoods, forcing thousands to seek shelter.

Hamas appeals to global relief organisations for humanitarian aid to Gaza. Israel’s legislative body authorized the emergency unity government led by Netanyahu, which includes several centrist opposition legislators, as a demonstration of the nation’s unified resolve in combating Hamas.

The number of Israeli casualties has surged to over 1,300. A significant number of Israeli and foreign captives were transported back to Gaza, with Israel confirming the identities of 97 individuals among them.