Abdullah Bhuyian, popularly known as “Dako Keno” is a man with an untold story

News Desk: The journey of Md. Abdullah, founder of “Dako Keno” is quite interesting because in 2020, he was merely a student of Geology department, Dhaka University. He started his video making journey by creating birthday videos for his friends and funny videos about his friend circle. Then getting inspired from his friends and surroundings, Abdullah gained this much popularity within a very short span of time and became one of the leading content creators of Bangladesh.

His rapid rise is more a result of an unwavering pursuit of his passion than of adopting methods to gain more social media followers. He has singlehandedly created his empire without building any content team for his facebook page or content editing. So, all his contents are just examples of his hardwork and perseverence.

Let’s know more about his journey. He was born in 9th December, 1999 in Comilla. Then he completed his schooling in Nakhalpara Hossain Ali High School and college in Bangladesh Navy College. After getting admitted in Dhaka University, he started to make videos. But his official journey as a content creator was in 22th July, 2022. His main content is pretty simple, reflecting our daily life, family fun culture in Comilla’s local language. He is already famous for some his created characters named “Kashem, Sadek, Jaane Alam” etc.

But his content “Ghost Seires” outbroke through the social media, which was eventually shared by not only his general audience, but also some celebrities like “Nuhash Humayun”. Then he also focused to spread his contents to more people by creating Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok account about five to six months ago. With his excellence in content, he already has 99,000+ subscriber in his youtube account and his expectation is laving 1 lakh subscriber within a few days.