West Central Railway renamed Hoshangabad railway station as Narmadapuram

Debjit Mukherjee: The West Central Railway has renamed Hoshangabad railway station in Madhya Pradesh as Narmadapuram, an official said on Sunday.


The WCR had on Saturday issued a circular announcing the renaming of the station as Narmadapuram with the acronym NDPM, he said.


In February 2022, the Centre had cleared the proposal to rename Hoshangabad city as Narmadapuram, located about 75-km from state capital Bhopal.


Earlier this week, the state government had issued a gazette notification stating that the Centre had granted “no objection” for renaming the city’s railway station as well.


While giving the nod to rename Hoshangabad last year, the Centre had also cleared the proposal to rechristen Babai town in Narmadapuram district as Makhan Nagar, after noted Hindi poet and journalist Makhanlal Chaturvedi.


The Madhya Pradesh government’s renaming spree began in 2021 when it changed the name of Habibganj railway station as Rani Kamlapati after a Gond queen.


According to the state government website, Hoshangabad had derived its name from Hoshang Shah Ghori, the second king to Malwa of the Ghori line who conquered it.


Narmadapur had been the city’s erstwhile name.