“Will collect the full price from the murderers”: Benjamin Netanyahu

News Desk: Israel said on Thursday that a group of tanks and infantry conducted a night-time incursion into Gaza, targeting multiple sites under Hamas control before returning to Israeli territory.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “When we enter Gaza, in the continuation of the fighting, we will collect the full price from the murderers – the perpetrators of the horrific atrocities of Hamas-ISIS. I call once again to the non-involved population in Gaza – evacuate to the south of the Gaza Strip.”

President Joe Biden expressed his opposition on Wednesday to retaliatory attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank following the October 7 Hamas attacks on Israel.

“It has to stop. They have to be held accountable. It has to stop now,” Biden said at the start of a news conference with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who was being honoured with a state visit to Washington.

In this context, Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by some countries and a resistance movement by others. The designation of Hamas varies depending on the country and its official stance.

Amid increasing international concern about the deteriorating humanitarian situation and the rising number of civilian casualties in Gaza, the United States presented a draft resolution on Saturday.