BJP MLA Agnimitra Pal stopped a matador loaded with cattle, accuses police of cow smuggling

Debjit Mukherjee, Burdwan: BJP MLA from Asansol South Agnimitra Pal stopped a matador loaded with cattle at Becharhat area on National Highway 2 in Burdwan on Tuesday afternoon on its way from Asansol to Kolkata. There were a total of 9 cows in the matador. Later the police went and arrested 3 people including the driver of that car. She alleged, “Cows were being smuggled illegally. Cows were being brought from Purulia to Kusumgram in East Burdhaman”. She also accused the police of cow smuggling for money. She added, “I saw that matador while going on the road. See, the animals are being taken away with their legs tied and their knees broken. They are bleeding. After that I called Burdwan police station. I stopped the matador. The vehicle doesn’t even have a permit”.