Anupam Hazra’s controversial comment on Mamata Banerjee

New Desk: The new BJP national secretary from West Bengal Anupam Hazra made a controversial comment on Mamata Banerjee. Hazra was maskless during a media interaction at Baruipur, where he went for a party meeting, and on asking the reason he said that if he gets affected by Corona, she’ll hug Mamata Banerjee first.

He said “Our workers are fighting a bigger enemy than corona. They are fighting Mamata Banerjee. Since they were not affected by corona they are not scared anymore. I will hug Mamata Banerjee if I have corona. She treated victims of the disease pathetically. Their bodies were burnt with kerosene. We don’t even treat dead cats or dogs like that”

In response TMC spokesperson Kunal Ghosh said “Only insane and immature people make such statements. Any sane person who hears Hazra will understand what kind of a person he is”