Chinese act created tension! Dam created by dragon near the Indian border

Debjit Mukherjee: Tension due to nefarious act of China on LAC! Dragon building a dam near the Indian border, satellite images revealed.


Geospatial intelligence researcher, Damien Symon on his official Twitter handle tweeted “Since early 2021, China has been constructing a dam on the Mabja Zangbo river just a few kilometers north of the trijunction border with India & Nepal, while the structure isn’t complete, the project will raise concerns regarding China’s future control on water in the region”.


The dam seems to be 350 metres to 400 metres long according to the latest satellite images. “It appears to be an embankment dam…An airport is being constructed nearby as well” Symon said.


People in the know say the dam could be used to divert or restrict the waters of the Mabja Zangbo river, or to create floods downstream.


In recent years, China has built several smaller dams on the Yarlung Zangbo river.