Effigy of a woman in a deserted road in Birmingham – A scary sight

News Desk: What would you do if you were travelling down a deserted road and came across a woman — a haunting figure — sitting alone on a bench? Most people would undoubtedly go to the woman to check if she needed any help. Something similar has happened in Birmingham, United Kingdom, where passersby have noticed a woman sitting on the side of the roadway.

People halt to notice the woman sitting on the bench on the side of the road with her child’s pram. Some people speak to her from inside their cars, while others get out and approach her. When they come to know about the story of the woman, they are shaken to the core.

People get terrified after seeing the woman.

According to a report, officials came to investigate the woman sitting on the side of the road after receiving information about her. When the officials went close to the woman, they were in for a shock because the woman was an effigy, not a real person.

Some drive past the effigy in terror, while others approach the woman to find if she is okay, only to realise that the figure sitting there isn’t a human.

Why is the woman sitting there?

This effigy of the woman has been placed on the roadway by the owner of a food truck to draw attention. The effigy has been with Nick, 58, for many years and he keeps it alongside his food truck wherever he parks it. Nick has named the effigy Betty. He said that he has had this effigy for ten years and that people are frequently confused when they see it. Some people come to the girl for her safety, only to be shocked when they learn the truth.