TMC supporter Rajdeep Das slams few news channels over circulation of fake news on Swastha Sathi

News Desk: The ruling TMC party has successfully countered arch rival BJP’s Ayushman Bharat and PM Kisan Samman Nidhi by launching the Duare Sarkar campaign before the upcoming 2021 election in West Bengal. The most important and successful part of this campaign is Swastha Sathi which will cover 1.5 crore families and it’s best part is free treatment of upto a hefty sum of five lacs. But recently a news posted by Calcutta News channel showing refusal of patient in private hospital due to zero balance in the Swastha Sathi Card has created a fuss on social media.

TMC supporter Rajdeep Das took a dig at some news channels for misleading the citizens not only about Swastha Sathi but also slammed them for their role in vilifying the Chief Minister of the state Mamata Banerjee. Natun Gati reached Das and took his views regarding the role of media channels these days.

You got the Swastha Sathi Card. Do you think that Duare Sarkar is a masterstroke of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee before the upcoming 2021 election in the state?

Well to be honest our honorable Chief Minister always stood beside us as a guardian. I won’t agree with you it’s a masterstroke before the upcoming 2021 election. Not only Swastha Sathi, she also launched several other beneficial schemes earlier for the well being of West Bengal citizens. And I’m sure she’ll come up with more such beneficial schemes in the upcoming days.

Recently Calcutta News channel shared a news on the national television that private hospital rejected a patient for zero balance in the Swastha Sathi card. Do you think it’s a conspiracy of the opposition?

See honestly speaking it’s not only Calcutta News but there are some national level news channels as well who are presenting before us what the center wants the nation to see. Some news channels will be wrong rather I’ll say most news channels. I respect the fourth pillar of democracy but I would say that standing in 2021 if news channels don’t work according to the instructions of the center, then CBI, ED, Income Tax people will interfere and then channel raiding and arrests will take place. And yes this is completely a misinformation which the oppositions are spreading. I myself checked the balance in the card.

So you mean to say that some channels have become agents of the saffron brigade. Right?

Exactly. Some directly and some indirectly.

BJP always talks about implementation of Ayushman Bharat but why do you think Swastha Sathi is way better than Ayushman Bharat?

Yes you can compare both the schemes and it’ll be crystal clear why Swastha Sathi is better than Ayushman Bharat.

Das presented a chart that shows why Swastha Sathi is better than Ayushman Bharat.

Many times we heard BJP leaders and supporters claiming that Didi is doing this to eyewash people. Nobody will get any facility. What is your view on this?

Let me tell you something. Didi came to power on 13th May 2011 when the former ruling party CPIM shattered Bengal with huge amount of loan, teachers remained unpaid and a high rate of unemployment. From that situation she handled such issues effectively and made sure that teachers get salary on the first of every month, investment on small and medium scale businesses, Krishak Bandhu, Sishu Sathi, Kanyashree, Yuvashree, Rupashree, Khadya Sathi, Swastha Sathi and many other schemes. And people got benefitted from those schemes. And that is the reason only why she became the chief minister second time in 2016 by winning 211 seats alone. People wouldn’t have voted her to power if all these things were eyewash.

So what you think BJP is planning to vilify TMC? 

Well I won’t say it’s BJP….. it’s RSS directed Hindu extremists who after coming to power in 2014 talked about a Congress free India which I must say they used a highly dangerous word and it’s against democracy and unconstitutional. Our nation is for all religions. BJP wants Hindu Raj but our Didi wants all religion staying together in peace in our state. In West Bengal minority vote is a big factor and that’s where BJP is planning to create a rift.

Many says Didi believes in minority appeasement. Is it really true or it’s a plan of the BJP to divert people from mainstream crisis?

I already said BJP is against Muslims and they want a Hindu Raj in West Bengal. And that is the reason they spread such misinformation among people. Then how come Hindus  in the state are getting so much benefits? Not only Imams but Hindu priests are also getting allowances. It’s years now she organizes and celebrates Kali Puja at her residence.