Huge employment in state announced by Firhad Hakim and Partha Chatterjee

News Desk: Transport and Housing minister Firhad Hakim and minister of industries Partha Chatterjee announced huge employment in the state from Nabanna on Monday.

According to this announcement

1. The state is emphasizing on the development of health infrastructure in rural and urban areas. Therefore, the state will employ 11 thousand 521 health workers in both the cases. However, the entire recruitment will be on contract basis and through outsourcing.

2. Nabanna will hire 342 data entry operators in the food department. Recruitment will be project based.

3. Last year, 26 people were killed in lightning strikes in Hooghly and Murshidabad. The state will also give government jobs to their family members.

4. The state has announced to give jobs to the family members of the two killed in Mograhat.

5. The government will acquire the state’s truck terminals. There were allegations of various irregularities in these. So it was decided to acquire the terminals. The state will provide contract jobs to the workers there. So far their pay structure has been different. This time it will not be. The state government will pay their salaries on contract basis.

6. Simplification of tax structure of international lorries carrying goods. So long different taxes were paid. Now lorries can go with a minimum tax. Two lists have been drawn up to determine which lorry can go first. Trucks of perishable goods will be released earlier. After that the rest of the truck will go.

7. Big decisions have also been made about the distribution of Silicon Valley land. Land has been given to information technology companies in this valley for so long. From now on, land will also be given to chip and semiconductor manufacturers.