Job aspirants march in Mamata-Abhishek’s area, call for Navanna campaign by Suvendu-Kaustav

Debjit Mukherjee, Kolkata: Job seekers march across South Kolkata. On one hand, the job seekers of South 24 Parganas who passed TET in 2009 gathered to protest near the chief minister’s house at Kalighat around 2 pm on Wednesday. On the other hand, Group D job aspirants have gathered at Abhishek Banerjee’s Camac Street office premises. Opposition leader Suvendu Adhikari and Congress leader Kaustav Bagchi joined their march.

On this day, Suvendu Adhikari said, “We have to unite and plan the Nabanna campaign. I will request the DA agitators to join there. We have to come to Nabanna with 1 lakh people. Let’s see how many policemen, how many bullets, how many tear gas they have.”

He also said, “If we want to save the state, those who are fighting against this government must come down. Today, 2000 policemen and 20 IPS personnel have been deployed to protect bhaipo. Is Kolkata their that theh will not allow meetings at Kalighat, Hazra, or Camac Street? Is this road built by their father and grandfather? If the police are excluded, this government has no existence.”

On the other hand, Kaustav Bagchi said, “Congress Zindabad slogan is not being raised, BJP Zindabad slogan is not being raised. For sure, if there was a BJP flag here, I would not have come, if there was a Congress flag, Suvendu Adhikari would not have come. Totally non-political, the demand is non-political and a fair demand. They don’t need anything, the government said they would give us jobs. I will be happy if someone from the government comes to the procession and say that they would give us jobs.”

He also said, “Now we want to bring all the non-political organizations under one roof and gather lakhs of people for Nabanna Abhiyan or Kalighat Abhiyan… We are thinking of doing something like this. Big things are waiting. If they don’t respond to the call, I will gather lakhs of people in Calcutta and explain to the government how to take away this demand. I am saying again and again, I have always been, am and will be at the call of the deprived. I am everywhere. For me, saving West Bengal is the priority.”