Rajasthan: Muslim youths assaulted Sikh man in Alwar, tensions simmered

Debjit Mukherjee: Tensions simmered in Milkapur village in Alwar, Rajasthan, after 4-5 Muslim youths allegedly harassed and assaulted one Gurbaksh Singh, a former granthi of a Gurudwara located in the area. The miscreants reportedly accosted the victim, beat him up, threw red chilli powder in his eyes, and chopped his hair, something Sikhism prohibits its followers from doing.

Several members of the Sikh community came to the streets and staged a dharna outside the Alwar PS in Rajasthan to protest against the harassment meted out at Gurbaksh Singh on the night of Thursday, July 21.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the victim, Gurbaksh Singh narrated what transpired with him on the night of July 21. He alleged that around 9 pm on Thursday, he was on his way from his home in Milakpur to Alavada to buy medicines when he was allegedly waylaid by the miscreants. The youths asked him to stop his bike and park it on one corner of the road. They then dragged Gurbaksh Singh to a deserted corner and threw red chilli powder in his eyes.

Gurbaksh Singh further recalled that the miscreants pinned him down, put a knife on his neck and were about to kill him but suddenly stopped and confirmed his name. The petrified Gurbaksh Singh introduced himself and told them that he was the former Granthi of a Gurudwara in Milakpur.

Upon learning that the victim was a Sikh, the miscreants decided against killing him and called one of the man named ”Jumma”, who asked them to instead cut off his keshas (unshorn hair), which is prohibited under Sikhism. The miscreants then fled leaving Gurbaksh Singh in an injured state.

Around 15 minutes later, when Gurbakh Singh regained consciousness and got a hold of himself, he narrated the ordeal to some locals who took him to the community health centre for treatment. The villagers reported the incident to the local police station.

After getting the information, Alwar Superintendent of Police Tejaswini Gautam, Additional SP Sarita Singh, ADM Akhilesh Peepal, Shivaji Park Police Station incharge Ramniwas Meena and Ramgarh Police Station incharge Surendra Kumar reached the community health centre to meet Gurbaksh Singh.

The victim gave the police all the details of the incident. The police, in turn, assured to launch an investigation in the matter. The enraged villagers, meanwhile, gheraoed the police station and demanded an expeditious investigation into the incident. They demanded that the miscreants who had fled the scene of the crime after the incident, be apprehended quickly and dealt with strictly.