Rahul Gandhi announces caste based census in five Congress-ruling states

Debjit Mukherjee: Caste based census will be held in five Congress-ruling states soon, Rahul Gandhi said. He said, “Most of the parties in the India alliance want an ethnic census. It is not a matter of religion. It is a matter of poverty. Two countries within one country. One is for the Adanijis, the other is for the rest. The picture of the country will be clear if there is caste based census. Then there will be an economic survey. Who has how much wealth, who is destitute, new policies will be made after looking into it.”

He also condemned the Modi government’s attack on journalists and writers. The ‘abuse’ of anti-terror laws has been condemned as well. He said, “The objection to Chinese investment is ridiculous, where China based companies are investing in India, and even Chinese companies have donated to PM CARES.” The meeting condoled the death of 1,000 people in the Israel-Hamas war.