Gorakhpur Math case: Main accused Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi has connection with ISIS, says police

News Desk: Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi, the main accused in the attack on the police outside Gorakhpur Math, has connection with ISIS!

Police sources said that videos of sabotage of several ISIS jihadists were found on Murtaza’s laptop and mobile phone. The source further added that Murtaza was a follower of Zakir Naik, a banned preacher in India.

The incident happened on Sunday night. In Gorakhpur, a young man attacked the police personnel outside Gorakhnath Math chanting ‘Allah Hu Akbar’. Two policemen were injured in the attack. The chief priest of this monastery is Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. But he was not at the monastery at the time of the attack.