Hijab controversy: SFJ advised Muslims to create new Muslim country

News Desk: In the middle of the ongoing Hijab controversy, Khalistani outfit Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) demanded the creation of a ‘new Muslim country’.

SFJ chief Gurpatwant Singh Pannun said “Modi’s India wants to be a Hindu country. What 200 million Muslims of India should do? Start Hijab referendum movement. It should break India, balkanise it and create a Muslim country from the Union of India named Urduistan”

“In 1992, they destroyed Babri masjid and Muslims remained quiet. And then, there were Gujarat killings of Muslims and Muslims remained quiet. They took over Kashmir and Muslims remained quiet. You cannot keep quiet when somebody is challenging your religious beliefs” he added.

He also claimed “Sikhs are following a Khalistan referendum to liberate Punjab from Indian occupation. We will guide you, organise you and fund the Muslims of India. You also start a Hijab referendum movement for the creation of a new country from Union of India called Urduistan”

The SFJ chief also called upon the Indian Islamists to learn from Pakistan and how they created a separate Muslim nation. He has set up a website by the name of ‘Hijab referendum’. He urged the Islamists to share their name, Whatsapp number and email ID will his proscribed organisation.

Pannu even showed a map of the proposed ‘Urduistan’. The imaginary country includes Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, UP, Bihar and West Bengal. Interestingly, Karnataka, where the hijab controversy is raging, is missing from the so-called ‘Urduistan’.