Jharkhand MLA arrest: Bengal CID raided the office of a Kolkata-based sharebroker who gave cash to the three Congress MLAs

Debjit Mukherjee, Kolkata: West Bengal CID on Tuesday raided the office of a Kolkata-based sharebroker named Mahendra Agarwal’s office, who according to the CID, gave cash to three Jharkhand Congress MLAs, in Bikaner Building at central Kolkata’s Lal Bazar Street.

250 silver coins and Rs 3,31,000 in cash were recovered. The raid continued for two hours after which the office was sealed. The CID has also procured some CCTV footage which shows that the three Congress MLAs received over Rs 48 lakh from Agarwal.

“Now we are trying to figure out who assigned this trader to give money to the three Jharkhand MLAs and what was the source of that money” an official said.