Kerala government approaching SC against governor

Debjit Mukherjee: Allegations of controlling the governance of opposition-ruling states through governors during the BJP tenure are increasingly strong. This time the left-ruling Kerala government is approaching the Supreme Court against the Governor. Allegedly, Governor Arif Mohammad Khan has withheld 8 bills passed in the Assembly.

Governor Arif Khan’s dispute with Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is well known. This time the Kerala government has accused the governor of going against the constitution. The Kerala government has claimed in the Supreme Court that Governor Arif Khan is walking against the constitution. Government work is being disrupted as he has not given assent to several important bills. Bills have been stuck in Raj Bhavan for more than three years. The governor is also taking steps. He is also preparing for a legal battle.

This is not the first time. Earlier, three states had gone to court against the Governor on the same charges. They are BRS-ruling Telangana, DMK-ruling Tamil Nadu and AAP-ruling Punjab. The situation is the same in Delhi. There, however, the lieutenant governor has more power than the governor. In all, five states have filed cases against the governor.

This state can also be included in that list. The Bengal government has many complaints against Governor CV Anand Bose. In that state too, several bills are stuck in the enclosure of the Raj Bhavan. Bengal can also follow the path of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.