Manipur violence: “No repressive measures against guild members” says Supreme Court

Debjit Mukherjee: Major upset for the state government of Manipur, i.e. BJP. “No repressive measures should be taken against the guild members,” the Supreme Court cleared on the plea of the guild members.

It may be noted that the Manipur government filed a complaint against the ‘Editors Guild of India’ a few days ago. They claimed that the editors guild members were trying to cause more clashes and violence in the state. In the FIR, it was alleged, the EGI report revealed a picture of a burnt house. And the caption of the photo read that the burnt house belonged to a Kuki family which was burnt on May 5. But this information is not correct. That house belongs to the forest department office of a village in Churachandpur. After this complaint, EGI admitted their mistake in the whole incident. They said on the X handle, ‘There was a mistake while editing the picture. We are sorry.” Incidentally, a three-member committee of EGI went to inspect the situation in Manipur from August 7 to 10 and submitted a report. That’s what the controversy is about. Fearing that the Manipur government may take coercive measures, the guild members appealed to the court.