UP school incident: Education authorities ordered school’s closure pending investigation

Debjit Mukherjee: An incident at a school in Uttar Pradesh has garnered attention after a video circulated online, depicting a teacher instructing students to slap a fellow Muslim classmate. In response, education authorities have taken swift action, ordering the school’s closure pending an investigation. The education department has issued a notice to the school operator in connection with the incident.

To ensure minimal disruption to the students’ education, officials from the Education Department are arranging for the affected children to be enrolled in nearby schools.

The incident reportedly occurred on August 24, but the video footage only came to light recently. In the video, Tripta Tyagi can be seen instructing students to slap the Muslim student and allegedly making a communal remark.

In her defense, Tyagi has characterized the incident as a “minor issue.” She explained that due to her physical limitations, she resorted to having other students administer the punishment as she was unable to reach the student herself. Tyagi cited pressure from the child’s parents as a contributing factor to her actions.

Interestingly, the person who recorded the video stated that the Muslim student was subjected to the punishment because he had not completed his homework.