Rajasthan: Hindu shopkeeper killed after his son posted in favour of Nupur Sharma

News Desk: A Hindu shopkeeper named Kanhaiya Lal was murdered by two men – Mohammad Riyaz Ansari and Gaus Mohammad – in Udaipur after his eight year old son put up a post on social media in favour of suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma. Later, they were arrested from Bheem area of Rajsamand district on Tuesday night.

On Tuesday, a video emerged on social media showing two men entering a tailor’s shop in Udaipur and proceeding to attack him with knives. In a separate video posted by the two men, the duo is heard admitting to the murder and threatening PM Narendra Modi.

In a third video, recorded on June 17, and which soon emerged after the murder on Tuesday, one of the two men is heard describing his intentions of carrying out an act similar to what took place in Udaipur on Tuesday.

Following the incident, Hindu organisations shut down markets as protests erupted across Udaipur. The demonstrators took to the streets to protest against the violent act. Meanwhile, internet services have been suspended in the area for the next 24 hours.