Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Putin announced military operation in Ukraine; Zelensky’s emotional late-night appeal to Russians

News Desk: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday announce military operation in Ukraine. “I have made the decision of a military operation” he said shortly before 6:00am (0300 GMT) in Moscow, as he vowed retaliation against anyone who interfered. In addition, he also called on the Ukraine military to lay down its arms.

In response, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky made an emotional late-night appeal to Russians not to support a “major war in Europe”.

Speaking Russian, Zelensky said “Who can stop the war? People. These people are among you, I am sure”.

Zelensky said he had tried to call Putin but there was “no answer, only silence”, adding that Moscow now had around 200,000 soldiers near Ukraine’s borders.