The first Bengali woman who got the longest hair among all Bengali Women

The first Bengali woman who got the longest hair among all Bengali Women

Md Nawaj Shorif, Natun Gati: We have heard about Rapunzel’s long hair in fairy tale. But no one ever imagined that Rapunzel exists in real life. But there is indeed one whose hair height is higher than her own height. She is a Bangladeshi woman, named Shamima Akhtar Anika.

Shamima is 5 feet 2 inches tall, but her hair height is 7 feet. It has already gone viral on many social media platforms. Everyone praised her for this. She is famous all across the globe. Currently she completed her IT Engineering from Australia.

When asked about her hair, Shamima said, “My grandmother, mother, sister and aunt also have knee-length hair. I am the first woman in Bangladesh who has got such long hair. Many times I thought of cutting my hair because of the pain in my neck. Doctors also advised me to cut my hair. But there’s an invisible force which prevents me from cutting my hair.”

This foreigner ladies they saw me infront of Tajmahal and said we came to see one of the seventh wonders which is Tajmahal and find eighth wonder which is your hair!

She also said, “I have a dream about my hair. I haven’t met my life partner yet. I will surprise him in the future. Then maybe I can think of cutting my hair short. Also, I am a big fan of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and I dream about working with him everyday. I wish this reaches his ears. I just wish I could be a part of Bollywood.”

Shamima also revealed that if she jokingly says that she’s an Indian, every Indian believes that. She said, “If I say jokingly that I am an Indian, everybody believes that. Even Indians as well. They love my Hindi and my poem.”

She recited a poem written by her.

Pyar; he to ye juban par ak lafj he,
Par mehesus ise dharkan se kiya jata he!

Pyar ak ehesas he,
Jayse fulo ki khusbu bina chuye dilo ko mehekatihe,
Waise he pyar bina chuye he dilo ko behekatihe!

Pyar; likhta to ye gane ki bol he,
Par dhun se pata chalta he k ye kitna anmol he!

Pyar; is rango vari duniya me rangoli ki Mel he!
Pyar; do dilo ki Milan ki khatta mitha khel he!

Pyar; jindegi jine ki tal he!
Pyar he to jindegi khushal he!

Pyar; dilo me dharkano ki tarango si chal he!
Pyar; jindegi ka mitha sa pal he!
Pyar; musafir k liye bharose ki dhal he!
Pyar he to jina safal he!

Pyar; bas chota sa ak shabd he,
Par isse bante jagar sansar he!

Pyar; ak chahat he,
Pyar; dil me dharkan hone ki ahat he!
Pyar Miljaye to dilo ko rahat he!

Pyar; dilo me jan honeki wajud ka misal he!
Pyar; sunneme to ak lafj he par shayed pure kayanat k lajf kam par jaye is pyar ko bayan karneme!”