Bangladesh violence: PM Sheikh Hasina’s assurance to Hindus, State Minister of Information stated to revert to 1972 constitution

News Desk: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that people who incited violence against Hindus would be hunted down and given appropriate punishments to prevent any recurrence of such incidents.

She said “We will hunt down the ones who incited violence against Hindus and appropriate punishments will be given to prevent any recurrence of such incidents”

While exchanging greetings with the Hindu community in Bangladesh, she said “This land belongs to you; you have your rights. Don’t consider yourselves as minorities; you should have this confidence. People of all religions shall live together in Bangladesh”

At a media briefing, her State Minister for Information Murad Hassan announced that the Bangladesh government has decided to revert to its 1972 secular constitution. He said “We have the blood of freedom fighters in our body. At any cost, we have to go back to the constitution of ’72. I will speak in Parliament to go back to the constitution that Bangabandhu went through. Even if no one speaks, Murad will speak in Parliament”

“I do not think that Islam is our state religion. We’ll go back to the constitution of 1972. We’ll get that bill enacted in parliament under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s leadership” he added.

The Bangladesh home minister has said that the attacks on Durga Puja pavilions were ‘pre-planned’ and aimed at destroying communal harmony in the country. His statement came after the Bangladesh police booked more than 4,000 individuals in connection with the violence that rocked the country in the last few days.

“It appears to us that it was a motivated act instigated by a vested group” Bangladesh’s minister for home affairs Asaduzzaman Khan said on Sunday.

“Not only in Comilla, but attempts were also made to destabilize the country previously through communal violence in Ramu and Nasirnagar” Khan was quoted as saying.

When asked about the reason behind the incident in Comilla, the minister said, “We’ll make it public once we get all the evidence and those who were involved in it will be given exemplary punishment”

The minister further said that no incident has been reported since Saturday night.