TMC MP Mahua Moitra unfollowed TMC but following Mamata Banerjee

Debjit Mukherjee: TMC MP Mahua Moitra has landed in trouble, following her comments on Goddess Kali. Amid nationwide furore led by BJP and with her party distancing herself from the comment, Mohua on Wednesday seems to have unfollowed Trinamool Congress on Twitter, even though she continued to follow CM Mamata Banerjee. The Bengal MP hasn’t commented on the matter yet.

On this, she said “I’m a staunch soldier of the party and most importantly of Mamata Banerjee… But this is a fight between the BJP’s idea of a monolithic, patriarchal, homogenous idea of Hinduism that I’ll stand against till the day I die and anyone who tells me that ‘Mahua don’t wade into this’ is feeding the BJP frenzy. So I’m standing clear against that”.