West Bengal: Former JU student and Mao leader arrested from Nadia

News Desk: Jayita Das, a former student of Jadavpur University, was arrested from Nadia on charges of being a Maoist. The court ordered to keep her in police custody till April 6. According to police sources, Jayita was the leader of the Matangini Mahila Samiti of the Maoists.

A few days ago, a bag was found lying at the bus stand in Maidan area, police said. Inside the bag were several leaflets, DVDs, handwritten posters, and Maoist pamphlets. The on-duty policemen recovered the items and handed them over to the STF of Kolkata Police. Detectives investigated and got some information and documents. DVDs were scrutinized. From these sources, Murshidabad district police arrested two youths after receiving information from STF. Weapons were recovered from them. Some Maoist leaflets and handwritten posters were found from their home. Detectives claim that the handwritten posters recovered from Kolkata were similar to the Maoist posters recovered from Murshidabad. They were interrogated by the STF officers of Kolkata Police along with the District Police.

The detainees told detectives that they had brought posters and Maoist pamphlets from Chhota Jagulia in Nadia. The detainees admitted that it was Maoist leader Jayita Das who gave them. The detectives also raided a house in Chhota Jagulia. Jayita was arrested from inside the house. She has been living there for the last few years.

According to police sources, Jayita was the leader of the Matangini Mahila Samiti of the Maoists. Her name came up during the land movement in Nandigram. Only then did detectives find out that Jayita had become an active member and leader of the USDF, a student organization of the Maoists. She became the leader of the Calcutta City Committee. She actively participated in the movement through the ‘masked organizations’ of the Maoists in Calcutta. Allegedly, she was behind the land movement in Nonadanga. She was also involved in raising funds from people sympathetic to the Maoists in Calcutta. Jayita visited Jangalmahal many times and held meetings with Maoist leaders. UAPA was imposed against her after her first arrest. According to intelligence sources, several other old Maoist leaders have become active. Police said they were trying to find out the information by interrogating Jayita.