West Bengal: Hanging dead body of a man recovered from a private lodge in Nadia

News Desk: A huge commotion has erupted in Nadia’s Krishnanagar over the rescue of a hanging dead body of a man from a private lodge. It is learned that the unidentified person rented a room in the lodge on Friday as he would stay for two days.

On Sunday morning, the private lodge authorities informed the local Kotwali police about the whole matter as they did not get any response from him for a long time while the door was locked from inside. Upon receiving the news, the police broke down the door of the house and rescued the unidentified person while he was hanging and took him to Shaktinagar District Hospital.

After initial treatment there, the doctor declared him dead. This incident caused a great stir in the city of Krishnanagar. Police are already investigating the whole matter to find out how the man died.