Bongaon BJP MLA Swapan Majumder threatened to encounter TMC by police when they’ll come to power

News Desk: “Those who believe in the Taliban regime, we will encounter with the police in the coming days. I tell those who are currently leading the TMC at the upper level not to try to disturb the peace loving Bangaon district”. Swapan Majumder, a BJP MLA from Bangaon South Center, threatened the TMC by joining a road blockade of party workers at Chandpara in Bangaon on Wednesday afternoon. The BJP MLA has warned to confront the Trinamool if he comes to power. And the BJP MLA’s statement has already sparked controversy in various quarters.

According to party sources, during a meeting in Nadia’s Kalyani on Tuesday, Bongaon organizing district president Rampada Das was allegedly attacked by TMC miscreants. BJP workers blocked Jessore Road in protest. And the BJP MLA warned after appearing at the protest site.

He said the district president went to a private meeting at the party office in Gayeshpur, Kalyani. During the meeting, the TMC’s Harmad forces vandalized the vehicle. Stones were also hurled. He was seriously injured. They were beaten in front of the police. BJP activists tried to lodge a complaint and tried to stage a symbolic protest. At that time, the IC of Kalyani police station tried to molest a female karyakarta. He said that they will file a complaint in the name of that IC and want to see him suspended. He also said that such  police are harmful for Bengal and if this Taliban regime continues in the heart of Bengal, we may have a very terrible day to come.