Shabnam Sultana, Kolkata: As you step into the ongoing 58th Annual Exhibition of Calcutta Painters at Birla Academy of Art and Culture, you will walk into the mind space of several impressionist artworks of stalwart like Jogen Chowdhury and prominent artists as well as newcomers, each distinct in their own way.

If you start from the left, you will find artworks on human conjugal chemistry, body language of Yes and No, personification of nature, cubism works on human relationships with other elements in the neighbourhood, life on street, of lithography, interesting take on how you perceive one doing his regular chores, topograpic manipulation of objects and compartmetalisation of our mind where spirituality art or the spirit of breaking free houses. Several art installations will hold the mirror to your doubtful regular self, that of the weary body, reversal of the right perspective in the world, the state of realism and mental space, the drowning effect of alternate news, uncomfortable comfort of the pandemic, parts of speech, commitment of a musician and few others that will make your everyday social stress accomodating. You will enjoy the art on transmigration, the despair and chaos of society and its effect within, interesting set of cup series and that of chair-how a person is a collective of interactions with many people or that in a man woman relationship.

Modern, thought provoking art has been carefully brought together in this exhibition.

Do collect the booklet of the exhibit to add to your collection or gift those who enjoy art. This helps understanding the chronology of art, experimental or traditional, ever evolving. It is an instant portal into another space. Calcutta painters paid homage to their members who were prominent contributors to Indian art like Isha Mahammad, Amal Nath Chakladar, Nikhilesh Das, Wasim Kapoor.

Special thanks to the Secretary, Subrata Ghosh who described certain signature styles of the artists and Gautam Bhowmick and Susanta Chakraborty for sharing their thoughts behind their artworks. Go visit. Try to spot the desciptions I mentioned and enjoy good art. Thank me later.