On stage presentation of Surpanakha Ubach revealing the actual story of Surpanakha

News Desk: We have all heard about the story of Surpanakha and how her nose were cut off by Lakshman and after that how the Ramayan began. But not many of us know the actual story. It is revealed in the poem “Surpanakha Ubach” by poet Prashant Sen. The play was staged for the first time at the National Mime Institute in Salt Lake under the direction and editing of Prashant Sen himself.

Like every time, Baguiati Sahajia Natyasangha has won the hearts of the audience. Director Prashant Sen’s new ideas, classical application, and relentless tendency to break tradition have made the audience spellbound.

Now coming to the part of acting, Arnisha Sen has impressed the audience with her acting skills as well as with her tone and modulation. Her body was directed by Mrs. Shalini Bose. Tanmoy Mandal and Jyotishka Chatterjee have performed Null and harmonium respectively while sitting on the stage.

There was novelty in the stage thinking of the director too. Crafting was done by Jhilam Roy. Sudan Haldar, Krittika Bose, Poppy Das and Pratyusha Sen implemented the director’s stage idea. Lighting department was taken care of by Saikat Manna, Tanima Mukherjee and Poppy Das in costumes and makeup, Renu Das and Poppy Das in props and other management. Overall this play is one of the most successful productions of Sahajiya which will win the hearts of more viewers by performing on multiple stages many times.