Former Afghan women soldiers living in fear under Taliban regime

News Desk: After the Taliban’s takeover, former Afghan women soldiers are facing the heat of the turn of events under the new regime. The melting down of the situation brought many heart-wrenching stories in the news and the Afghan women who served in Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) are under the Taliban’s radar.

Jamila, 28, an Afghan military officer in the western city of Herat province, said that she feels like she is living in a prison. She said, “I feel like I am in prison. I have to be at home. I can’t work or go out. I am so afraid.”

The Taliban have imposed restrictions on Women and say that these are in line with Islamic law. More than 6,300 women served in the former Afghan National Defence and Security Forces and now these women are under the threat of the Taliban. They fear their lives and are constantly scared about what may unfold.

The Taliban have imposed many repressive rules on women including banning education, work, and long travel.

After Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, the incidents of threatening women are becoming a ‘new normal. Millions of people are unemployed and many are left starved after the country’s aid is cut off post-Taliban regime but the Taliban insist on tightening the rules for women.

Jamila said, “We have no hope that things would change. I do not think that Afghan military women have any future under the Taliban”. She did not reveal her real name as she feared that if the Taliban get to know, they will get her in trouble.

Human Rights Watch and the United Nations accused the Taliban in November of the summary killing of more than 100 former Afghan security officials. It is despite the group’s promise of a general amnesty.

Jamila served for 10 years in the 207th Zafar (Victory) Corps of the Afghan National Army, headquartered in Herat province.

She said that every day, she hears some bad news. Every day she gets to know of someone who has been killed or has disappeared. Her fear has grown so much that she feels that she will be killed. “I fear that they (the Taliban) might find me and kill me,” she said.