Gujarat: Growing chorus among Hindu Morbi locals against illegal construction of mosque

News Desk: There’s a growing chorus among locals in Gujarat’s Morbi for action against the illegal construction of a mosque built next to the historic Mani temple in Morbi. The majestic structure in Morbi is a Hindu temple that has statues of God Shiva, Goddess Kali as well as Lord Ram.

In the case regarding illegal construction of the mosque near the historic Mani temple, Save Heritage Committee in Morbi petitioned the district collector demanding immediate action against the illegal structure being constructed. According to the complaint, the sentiments of the citizens of Morbi are being hurt due to this mosque being built illegally. It is worth mentioning that the historic Mani temple in Morbi is more than 100 years old structure, which is also known as the historic marvelous monument of Gujarat. The structure is a beautiful combination of architecture, art, and religion. It’s a matter of pride for both Morbi and the entire state of Gujarat.

After the earthquake in 2001, the temple was partially destroyed and later the maintenance of the historic structure was handed over to Raja Matashree of Morbi and even today the ownership of this historical monument belongs to the government of Gujarat. A mosque next to this Mani temple was constructed by the locals without permission and in the last three months, illegal construction of 2 to 3 floors has been started on a large scale. The local administration has been requested several times to stop this illegal construction but no action has been taken by the officials and the work is still in progress. The application filed to the district officials also states that if any kind of renovation exercise is needed to be done at the temple, it should be done after taking the approval of the archaeological department by getting a survey report from the surveyor and if there is any kind of damage to the property, then legal action should be taken against those responsible. An application has been submitted to the Morbi collector by Hindu organization under the leadership of Kajal Hindustani.