“Leaders play divisive politics by using increasing unemployment”: Raghuram Rajan

News Desk: Prominent economist and former Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Raghuram Rajan has re-opened his mouth on rising unemployment and poor employment situation in the country.

In his words “Higher unemployment rates create more inequality and division for the lower middle class. Enthusiastic politicians take advantage of this opportunity. They do the politics of division. That is probably why they say, ‘Let us focus on restoring these former Hindu temples where the mosque is now.’ They do it to avoid the matter of increasing unemployment”.

He added “If we look only at the economic growth of the country, it can be seen that the country’s economy has not reached a dangerous state despite the pressure of the epidemic. But women’s participation in the country’s workplace has worsened, even worse than in Saudi Arabia. When I say such things, many people do not believe. But the problem needs to be solved”.