Madhya Pradesh: Acid attack on man by woman inside a train near Ganj Basoda railway station

News Desk: A woman in her early twenties threw acid on the face of a 30-year-old man inside a train near Ganj Basoda railway station in MP’s Vidisha district, around 100km from Bhopal, on Monday night.

The victim, Bhopal resident Sachin Sahu, was badly burned. The attacker hasn’t been identified yet, nor is the motive known.

Sahu was travelling by the Vindhyachal Express when it halted at an outer signal while approaching Ganj Basoda railway station around 8.30pm. He regularly takes the train as he works in Vidisha, 50km from Ganj Basoda. On Monday, he was in D4 coach, waiting for the train to start moving again when acid was thrown on his face. It happened so quickly that his co-passengers didn’t realise anything amiss until Sahu started screaming in pain and fumes were seen coming off his skin. They tried to help him anyway they could. “He has sustained injuries to his face and hands as he tried to wipe his face. As of now, the victim had not taken any names. He is out of danger” said Bhopal GRP SP Hitesh Chowdhary. “All he says is that it was a woman, it happened so fast that he could not identify her. His family members have not taken any names, either” said Chowdhary.