“Permanent vice-chancellor to be elected by selection”: Supreme Court

Debjit Mukherjee: “Not by election. Permanent vice-chancellor to be selected through selection. The members of the search committee can select the vice-chancellor through discussion. But in that case no one of the search committee can be given extra importance.” The Supreme Court said this on Wednesday. The next hearing of this case will be on October 6.

The Supreme Court bench of Justices Suryakant and Dipankar Dutta made it clear that the members of the search committee can select the permanent vice-chancellor only through discussion. In that case, no party’s nominated expert in the search committee will get extra weight. The Supreme Court has asked for a new list of names of scientists, technologists, educationists and lawyers so that specific experts are in the search committee for the appointment of university vice-chancellors in special subjects like engineering. All documents must be submitted by October 4. It may be noted that the UGC, State Education Department and the Governor’s office have already submitted the list of experts as per the previous order of the Supreme Court.

Apart from this, the Supreme Court asked to submit the list of universities of the state, what subjects are taught in the universities, what are the current rules for the appointment of vice-chancellors and what changes have been made in the law for the formation of the search committee. Besides, the court also sought documents regarding the bill brought by the state government and why the governor objected to it. The next hearing of the case will be on October 6.