Rambhakt Gopal posted provocative videos on Instagram, netizens demand strict punishment

News Desk: After anti-Muslim speech in Haryana mahapanchayat, this time Ram Bhakt Gopal, the accused in Jamia Millia University shooting, got involved in controversy by posting several provocative videos on Instagram.

In one of the videos, it was seen that a gun is pointed towards the locals from a car and people fleeing and closing windows after seeing that. In the video clip, it was written “Goraksha Dal, Mewat Road”.

In another video, several young men were seen pointing gun and forcibly picking up a man in the back seat of a car. The caption of the video reads, “Cattle smuggler being picked up”.

Netizens demanded strict punishment after seeing this videos. In return, Gopal tweeted “The Muslims who are scared now are the ones who threatened me, my sister and my Gomata to death. This is Mewat. Mewat is in India. Cattle smuggling won’t be tolerated here. Always remember that”.