Maoists posters in Jhargram! “Will play with TMC” said the poster

News Desk: Maoists posters recovered again.

On Saturday morning, maoist posters were seen in Jhargram. The posters warned the ruling TMC. “Kishan Ji remains immortal” and “Khela Hobe” were written on the posters. It also gave a clear message “The TMC has been playing with the people for so long, this time the Maoists will play with the TMC”.

Police is checking whether the posters are Maoists or not. According to some, it is usually written under the Maoist poster – CPI (Maoist). But that is not the case in this poster. The spelling ‘Maoist’ is also wrong – written ‘Maoist’. According to the police, the ex-Maoists have given such posters for personal gain.