Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Moscow announces ceasefire in five cities; 21 killed in air strikes on Sumy

News Desk: Ukraine begins evacuating civilians from the northeastern city of Sumy under a deal with Moscow to set up humanitarian corridors out of cities besieged by Russian forces.

Dozens of buses ferry the evacuees to the city of Lokhvytsya, around 150 kilometres to the southwest in Ukrainian-held territory.

Moscow announces a ceasefire in the five cities worst-hit by the fighting: the area around the capital Kyiv, the northern town of Chernihiv, the southern port of Mariupol, Ukraine’s second-biggest city Kharkiv and Sumy.

At least 21 people, including two children, were killed in air strikes on Sumy on Monday night, hours before the evacuations began. Thousands attempt to board packed trains out of Odessa, Ukraine’s main port which is also bracing for attack.