Has Russia-Ukraine war exposed the Indian education system and darker side of Indian politics?

News Desk: It’s not only the two countries – Ukraine and Russia – who was suffering the heat of the war. India to is suffering its dreadful consequences. Indian students are living in an atmosphere of terror in President Zelenskyy’s country.

Couple of days back, an Indian student named Naveen has lost his life in Russian shelling. According to latest reports, around 650 Delhi residents are still stranded in war-torn Ukraine.

But, one important thing to be noted is that this war has been taken politically not only between Ukraine and Russia, but it also took a political shape in India too.

In India, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday slammed the Centre for the death of the Indian student Naveen.

She said “This is negligence. Negligence is a crime. It takes a couple of phone calls to do all these, how much time would it take from political rallies. I have supported PM Modi on Ukraine. But I have a question if PM knew about such a thing three months back. Why were these Indian students not brought back? It is the responsibility of any government to bring them back”.

“I don’t want to criticise the government in matters of external affairs. We are one. But because they are busy in politics, things did not happen. PM sends his MPs and ministers to do politics and give a speech. I do not want to do all this. If one tells me to go to war for people I am ready. They do more politics” she added.

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin informed PM Modi over phone that Ukrainian forces are using Indian students as human shields to gain leverage in the ongoing conflict with the Russian troops. In addition, he also assured India that its military was doing everything possible to ensure the safe evacuation of Indians.

Russia’s allegations were rejected by Ukraine. They said “India Pakistan and China should put forward their claims of safe evacuation of students to Russia”

But if we take this war from non-political point, then the current educational and job conditions in India have been revealed.

The date Indian student Naveen Shekharappa’s father said “Despite scoring 97% in PUC, my son could not secure medical seat in State. To get a medical seat, one has to give crores of rupees and students are getting same education abroad spending less money”.